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Kevin Monahan | Entrepreneur and Marketing Leader | Kevin Monahan is a Entrepreneur and Marketing Executive from Connecticut
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I am a brand builder, family man and athlete.

Brand Builder

Brand Building is at the core of what I do; I built my first brand before I understood what branding was. I’ve continued that throughout my career internally in corporate and within an agency.

Digital Full Stack

I am a full stack digital marketer with experience in coding (php/html/css) for the top brands in travel to buying media for global brands.

Core of Design

Design is at the core of who I am. While I would never call myself a world class designer, design educates the foundation of everything I market.

Follow my trip through Triathlon and Nutrition.

CrookedStoplight is my blog for my travels through triathlon and my exploration into a plant-based lifestyle.┬áMost of the journey is documented through Instagram┬ábut every now and then you’ll catch me taking the time out to write out a long form explanation.

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